About Us


The company was founded in 1992, to carry out civil constructions, electromechanical and special supplies for projects.

It has achieved important and significant achievements in those fields and became well experienced and that is represented in a competent crew of engineers and technicians with skills and competence to complete projects.
Integrated System Organization (ISO) to be one of the largest national and international companies, with a sophisticated high technology, comprehensive quality, high expertise domestic skills, and our products is characterized by diversity and alternatives with competitive prices.

The message:
Integrated System Organization (ISO) to be a model of reference at its distinct quality and variety of products from the construction materials, locally and regionally, to maintain leadership, originality and to precede the aspirations of its customers, to provide the impeccable service, and satisfy its shareholders, to promote and develop its society, to work with the fundamental values to the maximum effort to satisfy its customers, work with the absolute integrity and the highest ethical standards, to work with the finest quality standards harder to produce the best and the most appropriate, to offer excellence in customer service, to generate and provide greater value to our customers by providing them with a range of value-added services.
The scope of our business:
- Civil constructions.
- Electromechanical constructions.
- Supplies.
- Solar Water Heater Manufacturing Various Projects.